About Us

  • Bryden pi Limited (Bpi) is a fully owned subsidiary of the Brydens Group, legally incorporated in 2003 with well over 300 employees.
  • We represent several major international brands and provide direct channel focused marketing and sales services via more than 90 sales & trade representatives supported by management teams comprised of sales, marketing and logistics specialists.

A Member Of The Brydens' Group

Our History

The Bryden Group operates in a broad spectrum of industries and is ably supported by state-of-the-art warehousing and Distribution Centres.

Originally founded in Barbados in 1898 by Arthur Sidney Bryden, the Trinidad office, A.S. Bryden & Sons (Trinidad) Ltd. commenced operations in 1923 under Arthur's son William Francis Bryden and can boast of being the most successful business of its kind and generation in the country.

Pi Caribbean's humble beginnings started in April 1994 with the closing of a door for a high-spirited entrepreneur and then GM of Sterling Drug International, Norman Tang and the opening of what would eventually become a continually evolving window of opportunity.

Fast forward to 2003, Pi Caribbean joined forces with A.S. Bryden & Sons, creating an ideal partnership and synergistic fit which is able to support an aggressive growth vision. The alliance gave birth to Bryden Pi Limited, an independently managed operation and newest member of the Bryden's Group.

Our Mission

To be a channel focused distributor of Health and Personal Care products in Trinidad and Tobago

We are a team in partnership with our suppliers committed to:

•    Providing customized marketing and distribution services

•    Linking the needs of consumers or final users with the supplier offerings

We measure our success on achievement of:

•    Market Leadership for our key brands

•    An environment fostering creativity, mutual respect and opportunity for each person to realize their full potential

•    Superior financial returns for our company

Our Philosophy

We believe that …….         Our major sustainable competitive advantage is our business philosophy and management style.



Our Values

Our major sustainable competitive advantage is our business philosophy and management style. We believe that …….


Our Strengths

  • Brand Building
  • High Penetration and In-Store Impact
  • Trusted Partner Relationships
  • Quick Decision Making
  • World Class Brands
  • State-of-the-Art Systems
  • Innovative & Dedicated People
  • Resource Maximization
  • Willingness To Invest
  • Enhanced Growth Potential

Our Quality Policy

Bryden pi Limited recognizes that the customer is the life line of our business success and it is our objective to meet our customer needs and to exceed their expectation in quality, delivery and value.

We are greatly committed to customer satisfaction and total quality management that focuses on:

  • Understanding the needs and requirements of all our customers
  • Providing products that enhance customer satisfaction and meet regulatory requirements.
  • Providing products that are safe and appropriate for their use.
  • Providing a safe, rewarding and supportive work environment.
  • Strictly adhering to professional ethics, acting with the highest integrity, transparency and honesty in all our relationships.
  • Conscientiously acting as a good citizen within the communities in which we conduct business

Board of Directors

Bryden pi Limited Board of Directors:

CHAIRMAN - Keith G. Maingot
DEPUTY CHAIRMAN - Ian Fitzwilliam
DIRECTOR - Norman W. Tang
DIRECTOR - Ann-Marie Ali
DIRECTOR Michael L. Bryden
DIRECTOR - Brian D. de la Rosa
DIRECTOR - David Franco
DIRECTOR - Geoffrey C. Gordon
DIRECTOR - Mary-Anne Julien
DIRECTOR Marc Pontifex


Keep in touch with us

Bryden pi Limited
5A CTC Drive,
Macoya, Tunapuna.
Trinidad, West Indies.
Tel: (868) 612-5000
Fax: (868) 645-4274 (4BPI)
Email: reachus@brydenpi.com


67-69 Rodney Road, Endeavour,
Tel: (868)- 671-1593
Fax: (868)-671-5568


Lapwing Drive, Ibis Avenue,
San Juan
Tel: (868)- 675-8130/1
Fax: (868)-675-8130/1 ext 339